Replacement Certificate - Lost/Damaged Certificate

Umalusi is responsible for the replacement of the Senior Certificate and National Senior Certificate as from September 1992.

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Create a request, select the qualification you are applying for replacement
  • National Certificate Vocational, National Certificate (N3), National Senior Certificate, Senior Certificate, General and Further Education Certificate, Amended Senior Certificate, ABET Level 4
  • An affidavit – All online application must include signed affidavit from a police station stating the status of the original certificate e.g. stolen; lost in a move.
  • A certified copy of the candidate’s identity document is required. (This copy must be certified by a commissioner of oaths).
  • Choose delivery method choose collection from the Umalusi Pretoria Office or receive the certifcate via courier service

Collect your replacement certificate or receive certificate via courier service (Courier delivery method is availabe at an additional fee)

Important Information:

A certificate cannot be issued on the same day that the application is submitted. The processing time is 1 – 6 weeks under normal circumstances.

A request for a replacement certificate obtained before November 1992 can be made from any of the Departments of Education and the same procedure followed. However, it should be noted that this certificate will be printed by the relevant Assessment Body and not Umalusi. The processing time is 1 to 3 weeks under normal circumstances.

It should be noted that the previous certificate is cancelled when a replacement certificate is issued. Should it happen that a candidate find a certificate that was lost/replaced, then the candidate should know that the certificate is invalid.

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