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Eastside Primary SchoolSchool (Private)Eastside Primary SchoolAccredited
Easy Business Academic CentreFET (Private College)Easy Business Academic Centre2 Years provisional accreditation
Eden College LyndhurstSchool (Private)Eden College LyndhurstAccredited
Edmund Rice SchoolSchool (Private)Edmund Rice School1 Year provisional accreditation
Educare Prepatory SchoolSchool (Private)Educare Prepatory SchoolAccredited
Eduplex Combined SchoolSchool (Private)Eduplex Combined SchoolAccredited
Ekurhuleni Computer College(Pty)LtdFET (Private College)Ekurhuleni Computer College(Pty)Ltd2 Years provisional accreditation
Elite Secondary CollegeSchool (Private)Elite Secondary CollegeAccredited
Elkanah School of Creative Learning (Pty) LtdSchool (Private)Elkanah School of Creative Learning (Pty) Ltd7 Years accreditation
Elmar CollegeSchool (Private)Elmar CollegeAccredited
Embury CollegeSchool (Private)Embury CollegeAccredited
Emmanuel Christian AcademySchool (Private)Emmanuel Christian Academy1 Year provisional accreditation
Emmanuel Christian SchoolSchool (Private)Emmanuel Christian SchoolAccredited
Epworth SchoolSchool (Private)Epworth SchoolAccredited
Euphorbia Christelike Onafhanklike SkoolSchool (Private)Euphorbia Christelike Onafhanklike Skool1 Year provisional accreditation
False Bay High School / HSkool ValsbaaiSchool (Private)False Bay High School / HSkool Valsbaai1 Year provisional accreditation
Franciscan Matric ProjectSchool (Private)Franciscan Matric ProjectAccredited
Funanani Christian SchoolSchool (Private)Funanani Christian SchoolAccredited
Gateway Christian SchoolSchool (Private)Gateway Christian SchoolAccredited
Gateway City CollegeFET (Private College)Gateway City College1 Year provisional accreditation