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delcom training instituteFET (Private College)delcom training institute1 Year provisional accreditation
Denver Technical CollegeFET (Private College)Denver Technical College7 Years accreditation
Denver Technical College of South Africa (Pty) Ltd - Du Toit StreetFET (Private College)Denver Technical College of South Africa (Pty) Ltd - Du Toit Street1 Year provisional accreditation
Deutsche Schule DurbanSchool (Private)Deutsche Schule DurbanAccredited
Deutsche Schule HermannsburgSchool (Private)Deutsche Schule Hermannsburg7 Years accreditation
Deutsche Schule JohannesburgSchool (Private)Deutsche Schule JohannesburgAccredited
Deutsche Schule KapstadtSchool (Private)Deutsche Schule KapstadtAccredited
Deutsche Schule PretoriaSchool (Private)Deutsche Schule PretoriaAccredited
Dihlabeng Christian SchoolSchool (Private)Dihlabeng Christian SchoolAccredited
Diocesan School for Girls GrahamstownSchool (Private)Diocesan School for Girls GrahamstownAccredited
Dominican Convent SchoolSchool (Private)Dominican Convent SchoolAccredited
Domino Servite Combined Private SchoolSchool (Private)Domino Servite Combined Private SchoolAccredited
Doxa Deo Edendale SchoolSchool (Private)Doxa Deo Edendale SchoolAccredited
Doxa Deo Xanadu SchoolSchool (Private)Doxa Deo Xanadu SchoolAccredited
Duo Edu Senior Onafhanklike SkoolSchool (Private)Duo Edu Senior Onafhanklike SkoolAccredited
Durban Girls CollegeSchool (Private)Durban Girls CollegeAccredited
Dynamique Private Primary SchoolSchool (Private)Dynamique Private Primary School7 Years accreditation
Eagles Nest Christian SchoolSchool (Private)Eagles Nest Christian SchoolAccredited
EAST LONDON SCIENCE COLLEGESchool (Private)EAST LONDON SCIENCE COLLEGE2 Years provisional accreditation
Eastside Primary SchoolSchool (Private)Eastside Primary SchoolAccredited