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Advisor Progressive College-Durban CampusFET (Private College)Advisor Progressive College-Durban Campus1 Year provisional accreditation
Advisor Progressive College-Middelburg CampusFET (Private College)Advisor Progressive College-Middelburg Campus2 Years provisional accreditation
African Academy for the Built EnvironmentFET (Private College)African Academy for the Built Environment7 Years accreditation
Agape Christian SchoolSchool (Private)Agape Christian SchoolAccredited
Akademie ReformiaSchool (Private)Akademie Reformia2 Years provisional accreditation
Al Asr Educational InstituteSchool (Private)Al Asr Educational Institute2 Years provisional accreditation
Al Falaah CollegeSchool (Private)Al Falaah CollegeAccredited
Al Ghazali CollegeSchool (Private)Al Ghazali CollegeAccredited
Al-Aqsa School (Ext 1)School (Private)Al-Aqsa School (Ext 1)Accredited
Al-Aqsa School (Ext 5)School (Private)Al-Aqsa School (Ext 5)Accredited
Al-Azhar Primary SchoolSchool (Private)Al-Azhar Primary SchoolAccredited
Aleph Learning Academy (Pty) LtdFET (Private College)Aleph Learning Academy (Pty) Ltd2 Years provisional accreditation
Applewood Preparatory SchoolSchool (Private)Applewood Preparatory SchoolAccredited
Aranda Learnership CollegeFET (Private College)Aranda Learnership College7 Years accreditation
Aranda Learnership College (Pty) LtdAET (Private)Aranda Learnership College (Pty) Ltd7 Years accreditation
Arch-Prince Educational ServicesAET (Private)Arch-Prince Educational Services2 Years provisional accreditation
Ashbury Preparatory SchoolSchool (Private)Ashbury Preparatory SchoolAccredited
Ashton International College - BallitoSchool (Private)Ashton International College - BallitoAccredited
Ashton International College - BenoniSchool (Private)Ashton International College - BenoniAccredited
As-salaam Combined SchoolSchool (Private)As-salaam Combined SchoolAccredited