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Natural Learning AcademySchool (Private)Natural Learning Academy7 Years accreditation
NCM Computer and Business AcademyFET (Private College)NCM Computer and Business Academy2 Years provisional accreditation
Nieuwoudtville AkademieSchool (Private)Nieuwoudtville AkademieAccredited
Nizamia Islamic SchoolSchool (Private)Nizamia Islamic SchoolAccredited
nkangala training centreFET (Private College)nkangala training centre2 Years provisional accreditation
nkwangulatilo education centreSchool (Private)nkwangulatilo education centre7 Years accreditation
Noble Palms Primary SchoolSchool (Private)Noble Palms Primary SchoolAccredited
Northern Academy PrimarySchool (Private)Northern Academy PrimaryAccredited
Northern Academy SecondarySchool (Private)Northern Academy SecondaryAccredited
Northern Muslim SchoolSchool (Private)Northern Muslim School7 Years accreditation
Northern Technical CollegeFET (Private College)Northern Technical College2 Years provisional accreditation
NTSANGALALAAET (Private)NTSANGALALA2 Years provisional accreditation
Nxamalala Islamic SchoolSchool (Private)Nxamalala Islamic SchoolAccredited
Oakhill SchoolSchool (Private)Oakhill SchoolAccredited
Opportunity Learning CentreFET (Private College)Opportunity Learning Centre1 Year provisional accreditation
Orient Islamic SchoolSchool (Private)Orient Islamic SchoolAccredited
Osolwazi Consulting and DevelopmentAET (Private)Osolwazi Consulting and Development2 Years provisional accreditation
Our Lady of Fatima Dominican Convent SchoolSchool (Private)Our Lady of Fatima Dominican Convent SchoolAccredited
Oval Institute of Further Education and TrainingFET (Private College)Oval Institute of Further Education and Training1 Year provisional accreditation
Overcomers Training CollegeFET (Private College)Overcomers Training College1 Year provisional accreditation