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Hirsch Lyons Primary SchoolSchool (Private)Hirsch Lyons Primary SchoolAccredited
Hlanganani Preparatory SchoolSchool (Private)Hlanganani Preparatory SchoolAccredited
Hluhluwe PrivaatskoolSchool (Private)Hluhluwe PrivaatskoolAccredited
Holy Childhood Convent School (Private)Holy Childhood Convent Accredited
Holy Cross Convent Primary SchoolSchool (Private)Holy Cross Convent Primary SchoolAccredited
Holy Cross Education Centre KiddielandSchool (Private)Holy Cross Education Centre Kiddieland1 Year provisional accreditation
Holy Cross High School (Maitland)School (Private)Holy Cross High School (Maitland)1 Year provisional accreditation
Holy Cross Primary SchoolSchool (Private)Holy Cross Primary SchoolAccredited
Holy Cross Sisters` SchoolSchool (Private)Holy Cross Sisters` School2 Years provisional accreditation
Holy Rosary School School (Private)Holy Rosary School Accredited
Holy Trinity Secondary Catholic SchoolSchool (Private)Holy Trinity Secondary Catholic SchoolAccredited
Hope Preparatory SchoolSchool (Private)Hope Preparatory SchoolAccredited
ICALC Training Academy (Pty) LtdFET (Private College)ICALC Training Academy (Pty) Ltd7 Years accreditation
Ichthus AcademySchool (Private)Ichthus Academy2 Years provisional accreditation
Ihsaan Boys CollegeSchool (Private)Ihsaan Boys CollegeAccredited
Ihsaan Girls CollegeSchool (Private)Ihsaan Girls CollegeAccredited
IKAGE SD COLLEGEFET (Private College)IKAGE SD COLLEGE1 Year provisional accreditation
Immaculate College of Commerce & EngineeringFET (Private College)Immaculate College of Commerce & Engineering2 Years provisional accreditation
Inanda SeminarySchool (Private)Inanda SeminaryAccredited
Innovatus FET CollegeFET (Private College)Innovatus FET College7 Years accreditation