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summerhill prep schoolSchool (Private)summerhill prep school2 Years provisional accreditation
Sunward Christian AcademySchool (Private)Sunward Christian Academy7 Years accreditation
Swan Primary SchoolSchool (Private)Swan Primary School2 Years provisional accreditation
Tambotie Preparatory SchoolSchool (Private)Tambotie Preparatory SchoolAccredited
TEKmation Training InstituteFET (Private College)TEKmation Training Institute7 Years accreditation
Tembaletu TrustAET (Private)Tembaletu Trust2 Years provisional accreditation
Tersia King Learning AcademySchool (Private)Tersia King Learning AcademyAccredited
Thasullulo FET CollegeFET (Private College)Thasullulo FET College7 Years accreditation
The CAD Corporation Draughting AcademyFET (Private College)The CAD Corporation Draughting Academy2 Years provisional accreditation
The Foundation SchoolSchool (Private)The Foundation SchoolAccredited
The Hill CollegeSchool (Private)The Hill CollegeAccredited
The King’s School Robin Hills School (Private)The King’s School Robin Hills Accredited
The Kings SchoolSchool (Private)The Kings SchoolAccredited
The Kings SchoolSchool (Private)The Kings SchoolAccredited
The Kings School Linbro ParkSchool (Private)The Kings School Linbro ParkAccredited
The Kings School White RiverSchool (Private)The Kings School White River7 Years accreditation
The Numeracy AcademyAET (Private)The Numeracy Academy7 Years accreditation
The Oracle AcademySchool (Private)The Oracle Academy2 Years provisional accreditation
The Racing and Equestrian Academy School (Private)The Racing and Equestrian Academy Accredited
The Ridge Preparatory SchoolSchool (Private)The Ridge Preparatory SchoolAccredited