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St Georges Preparatory SchoolSchool (Private)St Georges Preparatory SchoolAccredited
St HenrySchool (Private)St HenryAccredited
St John’s Diocesan School for GirlsSchool (Private)St John’s Diocesan School for GirlsAccredited
St Johns CollegeSchool (Private)St Johns CollegeAccredited
St Katharines SchoolSchool (Private)St Katharines SchoolAccredited
St MarySchool (Private)St MaryAccredited
St Marys Diocesan School for Girls - KloofSchool (Private)St Marys Diocesan School for Girls - KloofAccredited
St Marys School WaverleySchool (Private)St Marys School WaverleyAccredited
St Matthews Private Primary schoolSchool (Private)St Matthews Private Primary schoolAccredited
St Monica's Diocesan SchoolSchool (Private)St Monica's Diocesan SchoolAccredited
St Patrick’s Christian Brothers’ CollegeSchool (Private)St Patrick’s Christian Brothers’ College1 Year provisional accreditation
St Paulus Pre and Primary SchoolSchool (Private)St Paulus Pre and Primary SchoolAccredited
St Peters CollegeSchool (Private)St Peters CollegeAccredited
St Peters Prep SchoolsSchool (Private)St Peters Prep SchoolsAccredited
St Stithians CollegeSchool (Private)St Stithians CollegeAccredited
St TeresaSchool (Private)St Teresa2 Years provisional accreditation
St Teresas SchoolSchool (Private)St Teresas School2 Years provisional accreditation
ST TheresaSchool (Private)ST Theresa2 Years provisional accreditation
St. Cyprian’s SchoolSchool (Private)St. Cyprian’s SchoolAccredited
St. Davids Diocesan SchoolSchool (Private)St. Davids Diocesan SchoolAccredited